ML International Lawyers with headquarters in Alicante, providing services throughout Spain to foreign clients who want to implant in our country, have been operating for more than twenty years with clients from Russia and CIS countries, as well as Middle East and North Africa. In the same line, our firm offers support to its clients, both in the procedures to be carried out in Spain and their countries of origin.

Our services cover all branches of law, with special emphasis on the processing of residence permits for immigrant clients interested in Residence by Investment and Non- Profit Residence in our country. We also offer legal and economic advice on investments, creation/acquisition, business management and tax advice.

In summary, the main purpose of our services is to provide the foreign client who wants to implant in Spain, a personal and family, as well as business and investment advice.

ML International Lawyers guarantees its clients the utmost professionalism, confidentiality and strict accuracy. After a long career working with international clients, we can say that the degree of loyalty of our clients and collaborators responds to the quality of our services.

Miguel López Barbero
CEO ML International lawyers



There are two types of residences for investors with a medium/high economic profile.


Required investment:
- €500,000,000 in taxable income for the purchase of real estate assets of any kind (one or several) without a mortgage loan up to the first €500,000,000.
- €1,000,000 in banking products or in Spanish companies.
- €2,000,000 in public debt of the State.

Date of the investments: After 29.9.2013.

Solvency to be credited: €26,000 for the first applicant and €7,000 for each additional family member.


• It entitles you to live and work in Spain from day one.
A minimum annual stay in Spain is not necessary. This makes it a permanent visa to enter and leave the Schengen area with no further obligation to renew it than to maintain the investment, so that its ownership does not necessarily affect the client´s tax residence.
• Residence is extended to the family: the investor´s spouse, minor children, and children of full age and ascendants of the investor who are economically dependent on him/her.


Required investment: No minimum investment in real estate is necessary, only the purchase of any property suitable for use as a home.

Date of investment: It does not matter.

Solvency to be credited: €26,000 for the first applicant and €7,000 for each additional family member.


• For the first year, this permit does not allow you to work. You can change to a residence with work permit after the first year if you have a employment contract or if you set up your own company.
• It requires a minimum stay of six months a year in Spain for its renewal.
Residence is extended to the investor´s spouse and minor children.
• In addition to these two main residence services for foreign citizens, our firm also deals with residences with work permits, business start-ups, renewals, Spanish nationality....etc.



ThedML International Lawyers team, has extensive experience in advising professionals and companies in the acquisition, creation and running of businesses in different sectors of economic activity in Spain. We provide, among others, the following services:

• Incorporation and sale of companies.
• Accounting.
• Employment.
• Presentation of periodic fiscal statements of companies and physical personnel.
• Tax advice.
• Licensing management.
•Aid and subsidies management.
• Registration and defense of trademarks and trade names.
• Preparation or challenge of corporate agreements.
• Supervision and drafting of commercial contracts.
• Judicial claim of unpaid.
• Creditors contests.
•Responsibility of Administrators.



Our firm has a deep specialization in the various typical areas of the real estate activity, and particularly in terms of:

• Sale of property and real estate companies.
• Leases.
• Promotion and construction contracts.
• Real Estate financing.

We participate daily in real estate transactions of different levels of complexity on behalf of our nationals and especially international clients. We know perfectly the nuances and peculiarities of real estate operations with international element.



In the real estate business, thanks to our interdisciplinary team comprising lawyers, economists, architects and property agents, we provide a comprehensive service to investors, which goes through the following steps:

• Land search with absolute legal certainty.
• Feasibility study and potential returns.
• Project management from the first to the last step.
• Coordination of the different professionals.
• Product Marketing.

In short, what we would call a "turnkey" service, which will allow the customer to obtain annual returns exceeding 10%.



At ML International Lawyers we are experts in the resolution of conflictive situations, acting in litigation before the different courts of law that constitute the Spanish legal system.

Always based on the principle of litigation prevention, we analyze in depth the potentially contentious issues in order to deal with them in the best possible conditions should they arise.

ML International Lawyers also has extensive experience in the enforcement of foreign judgments in Spain.

ML International Lawyers ML International Lawyers specializes in civil and commercial litigation, and has a broad practice defending the interests of companies or third country nationals in Spain.



The services of ML International Lawyers in this milieu includes the application of all the legal norms regulating urbanism, land management and land use, advising on the specific faculties and obligations of the land owner.

For this we have a team with ample experience in advising all the possible operators in this sector: public administrations, contractors companies, real estate sector companies or private owners.

Among other services, we can advise our clients mostly on the processing of the following files:

• Application for licenses and work permits and/or activity.
• Disciplinary proceedings.
• Advice to land owners.
• Urban planning and management.
• Public procurement procedures.
• Eminent domain.