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The current banking restrictions derived from the war between Russia and Ukraine are generating very serious problems for Russian citizens with contracts for the sale or construction of real estate in progress, due to the impossibility of transferring payments.

Faced with this imminent scenario of unfulfilled contracts due to non-payment, the possible consequences are their resolution (either by mutual agreement or by judicial decision) or their extension agreed by the parties, but given that we are facing a situation that can be qualified as force majeure, we understand that in no case can the buyer be penalized who is not at fault.

Therefore, for example, contract resolutions decided unilaterally by the seller in which the latter withholds the amounts previously received by the buyer should not be accepted.

Likewise, we understand that the buyer has the right to terminate the contract due to this impossibility that has arisen from fulfilling it, totally beyond his control, recovering all or a substantial part of the amounts previously delivered.

En Miguel Lopez International Lawyers We are available to buyers to review their contracts and defend their interests in the best possible way in this situation, which we hope will end as soon as possible for the good of all. get in contact us and we will study your case.