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The newspaper Information of Alicante has published an interview with our managing partner, Miguel López, in which he explains what are the actions that small and medium-sized companies must take at this time to overcome the difficulties of the economic situation. The headline of the news highlights that "the business restructuring of SMEs is key to facing the future with guarantees" and you can read it from this link in the digital version of the newspaper.

In the presentation of the interview, the experience of the firm stands out ML International Lawyers in advising companies in Alicante, a remarkable value at a key moment: «the lack of financing, inflation and the cost of transport are added to the pandemic and fiscal pressure to draw a difficult panorama that requires new measures». Miguel López Barbero encourages SMEs to seek advice to find the right solutions. We reproduce the interview here:

– What is your first recommendation to companies right now?

– More than ever, SMEs need to safeguard their treasury: improve their budget management and control of expenses. Unfortunately, we have seen companies go bankrupt for not knowing how to adapt and not taking action. Business restructuring will be key in this scenario. Companies must anticipate and adopt preventive strategies.

– What restructuring measures?

– The solution depends on each company. Lack of liquidity may require refinancing loans based on a solid viability plan, seeking new investors or selling production units. But also seeking alliances through corporate restructuring can be the formula to strengthen oneself in the face of unfavorable scenarios.

– Do SMEs need external support?

– It is essential to go beyond tax accounting advice. At ML International Lawyers we are a team of lawyers and economists with more than 20 years of experience in comprehensive support for SMEs. We know that a professional, external and critical vision can save them. Of course we help them achieve tax optimization, but we also offer other essential services now.

- Which are?

– From the refinancing of loans to the negotiation of new conditions with suppliers, detailed studies of direct and indirect costs in order to optimize them, to the establishment of new budgets with monitoring of deviations. In short: help companies improve their management and liquidity.

– Your office has a marked international vocation. Can that help SMEs?

– Alicante and its companies are open to the outside world. There is no need to be afraid when relocating certain production processes or creating subsidiaries in third countries. An increasingly globalized world offers opportunities outside of Spain that are better managed with experts who accompany companies in the process. At Miguel López International Lawyers we have international experience and it is a guarantee to advise any company that needs to open up to other countries.

– How do you combine work with your candidacy to revalidate the presidency of the Royal Alicante Yacht Club?

– I do it with enthusiasm, because they are two tasks that I am passionate about: my practice as a lawyer and my experience as head of the Yacht Club. I believe that challenges make us better and force us to improve ourselves. And that's how I live it, thanks to the support of magnificent teams that help me bring the ship to a good port.