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The end of the restrictions imposed after the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 has allowed foreign buyers to once again allocate significant investments to the province of Alicante. In 2020, large hotel and real estate investment operations, agreements for the entry of new partners in companies, firm acquisitions, were paralyzed... But now the scenario has changed radically, especially in the real estate market. According to data provided by the Notarial College of ValenciaIn the first quarter of the year, 7.164 home sales were recorded in the province of Alicante by citizens of other countries, moving almost 1.230 million euros.

Why invest now in Alicante?

  • After the pandemic, Alicante is experiencing a boiling of foreign capital in search of companies. According to data from the Secretary of State for Commerce, the Valencian Community has been the destination of investments worth 397 million euros in the first half of 2021 and Alicante is the province that registers the main operations during the summer months.
  • The College of Real Estate Agents of Alicante has confirmed that interest in investing in housing has increased in the face of economic uncertainty that has led to a 15% drop in world stock markets. This decrease has provoked the interest of foreign investors in buying housing since it has a positive impact on the profitability that owners can acquire.
  • The gross productive investment flows received by the Valencian Community in 2021 reached 856 million euros, which represents an increase of 142% compared to 2020.
  • After the pandemic, Alicante's industrial firms reappear as desirable in the eyes of foreign capital, which has launched purchases in the province. So much so that only last summer five acquisitions of large companies materialized of the province by foreign businessmen.

More opportunities to invest in Alicante

Strategic location

The city is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is situated in the center of the Spanish Mediterranean Arc, which makes it a direct bridge with North Africa and a platform for connecting with the rest of Spain and Europe. It also has an excellent communications network: its expanding port, its airport located 10 minutes from the city and the multitude of land connections make it a strategic destination for investment.

Dynamic and diverse economic sector

Alicante is considered the fourth Spanish province for generating companies due to its export tradition and the diversification of its productive fabric (agri-food industry, footwear, plastic-toys, textiles, tourism). To this we must add that Alicante offers the most versatile logistical, strategic and technological support infrastructure for the product sectors.

Human capital and labor market

The city has a wide labor market characterized by its level of qualification. This is due to the great educational offer that the city has: approximately 30.000 students are trained at the University of Alicante and it also has the Miguel Hernández University located in and two private universities.

Quality of Life

Alicante is internationally distinguished for its quality of life where its unbeatable climate and excellent gastronomy stand out. It is a city that retains its own personality and presents a varied cultural and commercial offer and a modern health system, as well as efficient and safe public transport. In addition, the cost of living, housing, products and services is very affordable.

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