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Miguel Lopez International Lawyers has participated in the first meeting "Apéro à l'alicantina" "Apéro à l'alicantine". It is an initiative that was born with the intention of putting French-speaking businessmen living in the province of Alicante in contact with speakers who can provide them with professional value.

In this meeting on July 8, we had the opportunity to present our office to this business group, in a conference in which Robette Colo, from Boogle Spain, also participated. The talk of the aperitif revolved around the election and treatment of personnel as a decisive element in companies to get out of the crisis. Two speakers were Sofia Sierra Suarez, director of human resources at IS Cell and Web, and Aurora Botia, head of human resources for the hotel chain. Melia.

During the day, Miguel López International Lawyers presented himself to the guests as a committed law firm and economists that provides solutions to its clients combining criteria, experience and innovative management. Two French-speaking members of our office also spoke: Javier Sanz and Karima Laraiche. The latter, responsible for Algeria, Arab countries and the Middle East in our office, explained that "at ML Lawyers we merge excellence in practice with care for people in their own languages, convinced of the value of our work."

This aperitif was the first to be held after the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The intention from now on is to organize these meetings once a month, each time focusing on a current issue and with speakers from professionals from the business field.