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The process begins before the consulate of Spain in the country of residence of the client in which we provide assistance.

The fundamental requirements are to have an annual income of more than € 32.000 for one person and € 8.000 for each additional person, have the same money deposited in a financial institution and have a house in Spain for rent or ownership.

This permission is granted first for one year without the right to work. Then the resident has two successive extensions of two years in which they can request a work permit and, after these, it is renewed for five years, becoming a long-term residence under certain conditions.


This type of residence is granted to those who invest more than 500.000 € in real estate in Spain, 1 million € in Spanish companies or 2 million € in Spanish public debt.

Its processing can be done either at the Spanish consulate in the country of origin or directly in Spain. In this case, if the client enters Spain with a tourist visa and submits the investor residence application automatically, their tourist visa is extended until obtaining the residence permit.

This permit allows the client to work from the beginning and does not need to stay here for more than 183 years, to be renewed it is not even necessary for the client to stay one day in Spain.

The client must also meet the same economic and housing requirements of the previous residence permit.

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